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Beyond ESG to Real Impact: Creating and Monitoring an Impactful Portfolio

Two months ago I made the argument for the need to think more deeply regarding the purpose of capital, instead of relying on basic ESG metrics that do not achieve real impact


This isn’t my First Rodeo – A Corner of Crypto Implodes

“I can’t take it anymore”

Beyond ESG to Real Impact – the Purpose of Capital

Beyond ESG to Real Impact – the Purpose of Capital

Even with the profound pain that COVID caused, it gave us time from our busy day-to-day lives by stopping everything that was, giving us a unique moment to reassess our direction…

Next Decade’s Bubble

Changing World Order and Next Decade’s Bubble

At every decade’s start we become conditioned to keep investing in the sectors that created the largest profits in the previous 10 years


How Much to Allocate in Crypto in Your Portfolio?

“With inflation at 7.5%, you lose half your money in 9 years. The only way to outperform that consistently, that I have found, is crypto. Just this year I’ve already lost half my money.” – RCM via Twitter

The History of Electric Vehicles

The History of Electric Vehicles

“The dawn of commercialisation of electric vehicles is upon us.”

Assessing Experts’ 2022 Predictions (1)

Assessing Experts’ 2022 Predictions

The predictions for this year’s financial markets are out. Should you incorporate them into your investment portfolio?



Despite the word ‘transitory’ being bandied about everywhere, in the context of inflation nobody really knows what it means

Still Picking Stocks_02

Still Picking Stocks?

“I can just buy the QQQs”